The Pocket Film Fest is a festival of mobile-made films.

That means filmed, and in many cases edited, on your smartphone, tablet, or action camera.

Everyone has a smartphone, and everyone has a story.

Filmmaking has always been a prohibitively expensive and demanding artform. Even today, if you want to tell a story like Hollywood does, you might use camera setups worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You might need rendering farms for special effects that bill in the millions. And you’ll probably need to work with a vast crew of highly trained specialists to perfect every detail of what you hope will be the next big summer blockbuster.

But there’s another way. At no other time in film’s history has its technology been so accessible. The tools that allow you to point, shoot, edit and share high quality content are literally in your pocket right now.

Anyone with a bunch of money can make a terrible movie. We know, because it happens all the time. But it is our closely held belief that anyone with the right mix of determination and creativity can make a good movie, even a great one, with what they already have in their pocket. 

The Pocket Film Fest aims to celebrate the filmmakers who are doing the most with the least. Perhaps more importantly, we hope to motivate the filmmakers-to-be to grab their phone, tablet, brand new action cam or old school flip-phone, and tell a great story.

The 2014 Festival

2014 was our first year for the fest, and it was a huge hit.

We had guests like Studio CBored Shorts TVDark Pixel, and Stuart Edge. They spoke, hosted filmmaking panels, debuted new videos, and were generally awesome.

We had sponsors like ContourOpen Air CinemaZagg, and Goal Zero. Thanks to them, we gave away over $15,000 in awards, prizes, and filmmaking gear.

We awarded thousands of dollars in dozens of prizes from hundreds of submissions from all over the world, with hundreds in attendance, and a heck'uva party.


Grand Jury 1st Prize:
Robert Connolly
"FICTIONIST - Not Over You"

Audience Choice Award:
Courtney Mortensen
"Gettin Up"

Smart Phocus Cinematography 1st Prize:
Kenneth Merrill
"Bored on the Fourth of July"

The 2015 Festival



In 2015, we brought back all the best from 2014, and added a whole lot more. We partnering with some amazing people. Like Jason.

Jason van Genderen is an award winning filmmaker with a peculiar penchant for one thing: making movies with his smartphone! Known as The Pocket Filmmaker, Jason started the Pocket Film Academy to be the best online resource to learn mobile-filmmaking.

We've watched his iPhone Master Class, and it's incredible. If you want to make the most of your mobile-made films, this class is a must.

The City of Provo flew Jason to Utah from his home in New South Wales, Australia. He spoke, ran workshops, and helped everyone find the keys to do more (with less) in filmmaking.

Next up is Start Fest, Utah's largest grassroots startup festival. Through the first week of September this festival had it all. Here are just a few of the groups involved:

  • The Rooftop Concert Series - Bringing local and national headline bands to Provo for the past 5 years
  • The Beehive Bazaar - The best arts and crafts from across the Beehive State
  • The Utah Business Games - The most competitive foosball, ping-pong, and office games anywhere
  • The Start Madness Pitch Competition - Startups competing for over $150,000 in cash awards
  • The South of Center Fest - Celebrating art of all kinds, created in and around Provo
  • The Food Truck Roundup - Along with the many restaurants on Center St., you'll have amazing dining options
  • Many many more - This event was unlike anything Utah had ever seen, with attendance in the thousands

We upgraded our venue, too. 

We were excited to be at the Covey Center for the Arts along Center Street in downtown Provo. Our screenings were in the main theater (seating for 600 people), with several engagements at other venues along Center Street, just a couple blocks away.

In 2014 we gave away over $15,000 in prizes and awards. Just like everything else, we went bigger and better in 2015. Check out our sponsors, and if you want your company and brand to get in on the fun, contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

2016 and Beyond

In 2016, the organizers of the fest met with a fantastic opportunity that will, in the long run, mean great things for the fest’s growth and success. We’re producing a television show about creativity, the creative process, and the amazing tools available for self expression today. This work aligns perfectly with our mission for the festival, which is to showcase the creative brilliance and innovation possible using even simple tools.

Unfortunately, the effort necessary to produce the show made it impossible to host the 2016 festival. As a small team, we’re focusing to create the best creative showcase possible.

The Pocket Film Festival is organized by Austin, Jordan, Jeff and Joe.